Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You May or May Not Know

1. I'm obsessed with dresses and wedges.
2. My fave show right now is Breaking Amish (I never watch it on TV, always online).
3. I prefer tea in the morning and coffee in the evening.
4. At any given time, I have 5-10 books next to my bed.
5. I just bought hot pink cowboy boots (I had a pair as a little girl) and am telling myself that I'm in desperate need of more cowboy boots!
6. I've been wanting Panera's Mac N Cheese for about 3 weeks!
7. I don't have the top sheet tucked in on my bed.
8. I don't really like working at a desk. Depending on what house I'm at, I work on the couch or my bed.
9. I'm super organized, yet my bedroom is a complete disaster.
10.  I love sending people handwritten notes and cards.

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