Sunday, October 07, 2012

My weekend in photos

It was a super tranquilo weekend in the mean streets of Huntington Beach. It started off with lounging on the family room couches with the kitties and Mom while watching TV. Stayed over at the parents on Friday and Saturday night (they went to Pasadena for the night on Friday night). 

Had a much needed low key Saturday. Slept in on Saturday morning. Did my devos out on the hammock followed by some office work. Breakfast for lunch at one of my fave local restaurants, The Sugar Shack (all the cool kids go straight to the back patio). Nail appointment and Skype date with my ladies. Started reorganizing our home office with Mom in the evening and then lounged on the couch and surfed Pinterest for two hours (the time goes by so fast)! We always end up looking at cat photos!

Today was church and Blackberry Bush. Pulled out a super flowy dress and wedges (actually Charissa picked the dress the day before)! Saw my dear friend Janelle and planned some fun girly outings with our Mom's in the next month! I have totally missed that girl! Came home for a nap and dinner and then met the man BFF in the evening. We hadn't seen each other in about a month because we've both been traveling and have been crazy busy. He likes to swipe my iPhone and leave crazy videos on it when I'm not paying attention.

All in all, I am one incredibly blessed lady! Here's to the start of another crazy week!

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