Thursday, March 06, 2014

A Lenten Journey

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of Lent. I grew up as an extremely traditional Lutheran and have always observed Ash Wednesday and Lent. I look forward to Ash Wednesday each year.

With the Lenten season beginning, it is customary to fast by giving something up. While I appreciate those who do this and in previous years have given up things such as Girl Scout cookies, soda, candy, etc. I don't feel that doing so is really going to bring me anywhere closer to the Lord. So I choose to do something different, hoping to focus rather on growing in my prayer time and come closer to the Lord.

This year I'm focusing on intentionally praying for one specific person in my life every single day during Lent. As I was thinking about this practice for Lent, I was reminded of the James verse above and how the Lord is faithful to fulfill His promises to those who genuinely seek Him. I've been journaling my prayers as the Lord speaks to me through my prayer time and trust that as I keep being faithful to Him and come to Him with an honest and sincere heart during this time set aside for fasting and interceding that He will begin to restore and bring about change with the person that I am praying for.