Thursday, December 07, 2006

An Aha moment!

The following was written by an old friend whom I haven't spoken to in years. I stumbled upon it and had an 'Aha!' moment. This is how I try to float through my days with bits and piece of me scattered through journals, notes, and photographs as the story of my life here and now.

my life is documented in words
post-it notes
and in a black journal with poppies on the front cover
some poetry,
some prose
over engineered
and revised recantations of the past
i tricked myself into believing
the past is so much more beautiful than it really is
giving my life much more substance than just pen and paper
a lonely heart
and an imaginative mind

Allen Morris writer, producer, and lead actor in a movie called Paperface.

So my question is, How is your life documented? How will you be remembered twenty years from now? Will it be possible that your childrne will be able to look back and say, "This was my Mother when she was my age? She lived a full, and rich life." Think of how you tell your story, think of how you live your life. Think of how you capture your memories. Take pictures. Write. Scrapbook it. Document you. Here and now.