Thursday, July 25, 2013

My heart is full

This summer's vacation was probably one of the best vacations ever. I spent 10 days total in Denver with my sister and her family and then flew to Minnesota to meet up with part of my family and see dear friends. My heart is so full with gratitude that it might burst.

Some of my fave memories:

Jimmy John's with Charissa as soon as I arrived in Denver.
Church at Red Rocks
Waiting for dinner at Sonic and talking on the phone with Lauren.
Walking around Denver, taking in the sights, snapping photos and eating ice cream.
Lots of laughs in the office.
Breakfast at Ikea and my plate full of syrup.
Regal vintage
John Mayer concert (the best concert I've been to yet).
Rick showing me where he grew up on Google Earth.
Kim praying over me before I left for the airport.
Running into Nicole in the airport.
Giggling in McDonald's with Shelly and Wendy as soon as I arrived in MSP.
Fireside Pizza where we enjoyed the best pizza that I've had in years (my Dad ate there in high school) + driving around taking in the sights.
Celebrating AJ's birthday with his family and mine.
Shopping at Mall of America
Lots of chats with Shelly and Brooks
Hugs and prayers from dear friend Lori. It was so amazing to spend time with her in person.
Sitting in the back of Emmaus surrounded by family and friends while David preached.
Ice cream and yogurt runs with AJ
Sitting around on the patio and in the living room telling stories, watching, You Tube videos, and laughing so hard that my whole body ached.

I could go on and on for days.