Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three Things I Know to Be True

My darling daughter,

Three things I know to be true at the age of 25:

This year, more so than ever, I have learned that waiting is really hard. When you wait, you have an opportunity to learn about yourself and to grow as a woman and a child of God. While you're in the midst of waiting, I can guarantee you that you're going to have days where every single thing you come in contact with will be cause for you to dissolve in tears. You'll have days where you'll snap at me and Dad even though you don't mean to. You'll have days where it feels like you can't wait one more minute, but let me promise you that you have what it takes within you to keep going. You are stronger on the inside than you can even begin to imagine because you have God's power within you. Cling to him and he will get you through the roughest of days.

You really are in control of your emotions. When you wake up in the morning, you can chose to set the tone for the day. You can let every single negative thing that happens to you put you in a bad mood or you can brush it off and choose to look for joy in each day. You will be amazed at how the smallest things will bring you great joy.

No is really a word that is acceptable to use. Don't be afraid to use it. I have learned that many times when I said yes to others, I have said no to me. My prayer for you is that you don't lose out on opportunities because you said no to yourself. After Jesus, you come before everyone else.

You may wonder why I'm writing you these tidbits of advice. My hope is that you'll take this wisdom and use it as a shortcut in your own life. Let it help you from going down the same path that I have. You'll make plenty of your own mistakes, and so I share with you some of the ones that I have made so that you don't have to make the same ones too.

Yours Forever,