Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

[Photo taken July 2013, Burnsville, Minnesota]
Today is the birthday of one of my most favorite people, my Dad.
He may not have the same DNA that I do and he may not have raised me, 
but he is and will always be my Dad.

Dearest Dad,

Today we get to celebrate you and all the things we love about you.
You are always teaching and showing me new things.
You (and Mom) are my biggest cheerleaders.
You always tell me the best stories.
You can fix anything, be it a broken item or a bad attitude.
You love a certain young man just as much as I do.
You listen to me go on and on about girly things that are the least bit important to you.
You are always praying for me and with me.
Your hard work, drive and determination helps me to do the same.
You are the best tour guide I know.
You show me unconditional love and grace.
You are always willing to learn new things and in doing so 
you remind me that embracing change is a good quality to embody.

There is no daughter who is more proud of her Dad than I am of you. Here's to 53+ more birthdays.

Happy Birthday!

Your Fave Daughter

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David Housholder said...

Blessings and thank you SO much.