Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Amen Girl

My Dear Amen Girl,

I want you to know just how much I love you. How I've loved you since before you were born. How Jesus loves you and has been giving me glimpses of you way before you were born. How the Holy Spirit has placed you in my dreams for a very long time.

Let me tell you about two of those dreams.

Your Daddy really likes the piano. He's really good at it too. One particular dream you were sitting alongside your Daddy at a piano. Neither of you knew that I was watching you from behind. Your Dad was playing piano for you and showing you how to play piano and the two of you were doing lots of giggling. My heart was full and happy watching you two.

The second dream I had you were a tiny baby, about six months old, dressed in a grey and purple striped onesie. You and I were at church sitting with your Oma and you were in a baby carrier. Your Grandpa was preaching and the entire time you were babbling on as little babies do. Your Oma and I kept hearing you babble one word over and over, "Amen" and we kept laughing. After a bit, your Grandpa picked you up, smiled at you and kept on preaching while you were babbling in agreement with what he had to say.

How did you come to get the name, "Amen Girl"? When I told my dear friend Lori about this dream, she said, ""You can pray for the little "amen girl" now." This was long before you were born, long before your Daddy and I were married. All this time, you have been my "Amen Girl". All this time, I have prayed for you, my sweet girl.

I pray you grow to love Jesus as your Dad and I do. That you trust Him and know that He speaks to you and that you will put Him first in your life all of your days.

Yours forever,

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