Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On Self Talk

Words. Discussion. Thoughts. Dialogue. Sentences. Spoken. Written. Said. Left unsaid. Each day is filled with so many words. Sometimes too many words. So many words that silence feels like a peaceful vacation. Words can be helpful or they can be harmful. My women's group recently started studying a book on the power of our words and how what we say impacts each other.

I got to thinking today that our words don't just impact each other, they impact each of us down to the core of who we are. I found myself saying things about myself out of judgment that simply weren't true. I am my own worst critic. If I want to change the way that I speak to others, I first have to change the way I speak to and about myself.

I am choosing to speak positively about myself. When I do something that I don't like, instead of becoming negative, I'm going to look for a way to frame said action in a different manner. If I want this year to be my best year yet, I need to not only work on completing the task list that I created at the beginning of the year, but I need to work on loving myself which starts with how I speak about myself. God certainly doesn't see me the way I do and he certainly is grieved by the way I speak to myself and about myself.

Here's to making some changes!

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