Tuesday, January 28, 2014


You are everywhere.

You are the guy that walked into the living room one late summer evening and changed everything.
You are the one I knew was the one.
You are the one who knows how to make me laugh like no other.
You are in the email my Dad sent to us yesterday and the one from your Grandmother this morning.
You are in the text to your Dad this afternoon.
You are in the eyes of the little girl that I see in my dreams that I know is our daughter.
You are hundreds of shared inside jokes.
You are the answer to lots of prayers and the reason for tons more.
You are in hundreds of memories and photographs.
You are the one that makes my face light up when you enter the room.
You are the one I always want to sit next to, especially at church.
You are shared beliefs and values.
You are in the tons of mutual friends we have that always ask how you are.
You are tons of songs on my iPhone that are to hard to listen to.
You are the reminder from yesterday's sermon that made me cry this morning.

You are the space I desperately know that I need right now, but is simultaneously so painful.
You are the one that is unknowingly making me work on forgiveness right now.
You are the one that I will always fight for.

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Wendy Housholder said...

So beautiful, almost haunting...