Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Things that I Currently Love

1. My School. I am really blessed that I get to attend school here.
2. Internet Radio. My friend Lars raved about it and I'm hooked. I love how it suggests music based on what you're already listening to.

3. TOMS Shoes. I am currently wanting these shoes from the spring collection!
4. Lady Antebellum. Can't get enough of their music lately!
5. Instagram. I have this app on my Iphone 4 and I love how it has all sorts of filters that you can add to your photos.
6. Oatmeal and fresh fruit. I had it for breakfast yesterday and it was delicious!
7. Old Navy. I've been finding a lot of cute things here lately!
8. Cherry blossoms. I feel like I have been seeing a lot of them lately and they are absolutely gorgeous!
9. The back wall in my office which was painted a bright shade of red over the weekend!
10. Hot tea. I've been drinking a lot of  it lately!

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